Sunday, December 27, 2009

I've moved!

After lots of consideration and much pondering, I had finally decided that I should go ahead and move to a new domain. It was very hard to let go of the whole mozemoua.wordpress, but then having my own domain means I have more moving room, I can do much more than just blogging, but then again until I learn everything about building a website and blogging I will just continue to blog. The whole website thing is for later usage, as for now, I’ll still continue to do my normal blogging.

I am trying to find a way to redirect all my visitors from mozemoua.wordpress to my new blog, but until I learn how to do so please, update your blogroll or links with instead of

The only changes with the new blog is to take out the “wordpress” besides that, you still got the same old mozemoua!!!

If you guys know how to link the two blogs or if you guys know how I can forward everything done from here on out to the new blog, please let me know… As for now, everything had been transferred to the new blog!

Oh and one more thing, I am still blogging with wordpress as a plugin, but I am hosted by

Here is my new website

or click here to be directed to the new blog or click on the icon below.

There will be a lot of changed until I am happy with the new blog, so I am sorry for the messy blog until everything is fixed and settled!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Basic of Flash Photgraphy

I found this great video by Snapfactory hosted by Mark Wallace. In this video Mark explains the basic information on flash photography, he does a great job explaining and showing examples. He explains how the shutter works on a camera, what shutter sync is and how it works and he also explains how an individual can control ambient light.

Finishing up the Set

All day today the upper quarter class worked on our holiday set for our holiday portrait. it's very interesting how things are coming along, lets hope that we all can finish everything within this week since our holiday portraits starts next week on Thursday. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

Studio Photography Guide

Picture was found from this article.

I had found this great article on Studio Photography Guide, in this article there are many tips on studio lighting, the many differents styles and ways you can do studio lightings and they also gives you tips on controlling your lights inside the studio. They also explains the different angle of view and even how to be creative with lightings. If anyone who would like to do more studio photography, this article is just perfect for them. It's a good guide and a good way to start.

Solfbox or Umbrella?

Since we are in advance portraiture and we are not always sure if using a softbox or an umbrella is better for the photos, I found this video by Jim Talkington. He explains what are some pro's and con's of both the umbrella and the softbox. Now judge it for yourself, which would you prefer?

Check out Jim's website at prophotolife.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

Today I had met up with a friend of mine who lives in Norcross and we had visited the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in Lilburn GA. This Indian temple was amazing, there is no word to discribe it, it was just beautiful and the details were extremely fine. Every detail put on this temple was done to perfection, every design was beautiful and makes you wonder how long it had taken anyone to hand carves these designs.

Pity that once you reach a certain point of the temple cameras and camcorders are not allowed. They were very strict once you enter the temple, even gum chewing was not allowed. We went during the time of a prayer so it was very interesting to see the Indian people do their interesting prayers.

Inside, every single way and ceilings and even poles were hand carved and designed to perfection, even the wooden doors and donation boxes were hand carved in fine details.

I think this wonderful temple is a must visit, and best of all, it's a free temple to visit, well worth your time!!

Potential Fill Flash??

Okay so on the positive side of my wreck I think I got a potential fill flash assignment for my Journalism class. Mrs. Finch did said we can shoot anything, well of course, besides a teddy bear, and after I was able to take all the breath I needed after the wreck the first thing I thought of was my fill flash assignment and spot news, I know this will not work for spot news since I was involved (and first on the scene) so I decided to do it for the fill flash assignment. I was very glad my camera in my car was unharm, even my key chain broke off my car key and my thumb drive broke into pieces during the wreck.
I am so sore from the wreck right now, let's hope I do get better by tomorrow.

Daylight Savings

Happy daylight savings everyone! I hope everyone set their clocks an hour back last night. With the daylight savings I hope everyone is able to find the right time during the day to do a photoshoot. Over on my end it looks a bit gloomy to really consider doing any photoshoot, but for the rest of the week according to Google weather this week will have nice weather for any photoshoots.

Remember we still have our Glamour/Fashion/Fantasy assignment to shoot for, so lets hope we all can make the best of this daylight savings time.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!!!

Even though my legs were in pain from the car accident I had this morning I forced myself to go out and walked with my friends and the kids for trick or treating. There were times when I was really in pain but it didn't last too long.
It's a pity that this year it was drizzling and somewhat raining but that didn't stop the kids to go out and get themselves some free candy. There were a lot of trick or treaters out there with very interesting customes.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!

A Bit of Fun at Work

My company had a halloween costume contest at my work place so I decided to go and shoot the fun event. It was small but with lots of fun. With the busy schedule we all had, the company was kind enough to set aside some times for us to enjoy the spirit of halloween.
Winners from this events are:
First Place: Pang Vang as Princess Fiona
Second place: Jeffery as Werewolf
Thirdplace: Katie as Crazy Cat Lady